In addition to increasing the health of mother and child, smoking cessation provides regular sleep and good eating habits in the newborn.

As incredible as it sounds, according to the results of the study, infants of non-smoking by mothers during early pregnancy are more carefree and cheerful than babies of nonsmokers.

Dr. Kate Pickett from the University of York gives an explanation of this fact.

According to her, women who are highly motivated to quit smoking during pregnancy are very positive in its decision, which reflects well on the growth and development of their newborn babies.

Her study is the first evidence of the impact of the refusal of habit on the health of b beta.

Monitoring the behavior of 18,000 nine-month infants showed that women who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day had the most difficult for growing children because of acquired bad temper.

Mothers who promptly quit, enjoy more obedient babies where the likelihood of unpredictable behavior is very small.Furthermore, they show greater susceptibility built better sleep habits and eating.

"We know that at a later stage of life, children suffer from the adverse effects of passive smoking (while in the womb), so it is not surprising discovery of signs of behavioral differences during the first months of life." - said Dr. Pickett.

Mothers find themselves these differences in the behavior of their children. Babies of non-smoking are the most positive temperament. This is an extremely stimulating motive for pregnant women to stop smoking during pregnancy.

The study, published in the British journal "Epidemiology and Public Health assessed the temperament of babies on a scale to measure a positive mood, receptivity to new ideas and modes of feeding and sleeping.

About 4,000 women surveyed, as expected, continue to smoke.

Dr. Pickett is confident that the risk of behavioral problems in children as early and in later stages of their development should be explained to pregnant smokers, but not to downplay the difficulties experienced passionate smokers in their attempt to do so.

It is known that chemical substances contained in tobacco cause damage to the brain while the child is still in the womb.Their action is associated more with low birth weight, birth defects and is one of the causes of high mortality.

The survey results show that women. who smoke during pregnancy give birth to the most difficult for growing children.

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