Smoking is the most widespread addiction of our time. It is a pandemic, the amount of cigarettes consumed annually is growing! Accordingly, increased the number of victims who died from diseases caused by smoking (especially lung cancer and cardiovascular disease).

Bulgaria ranks second in Europe in the frequency of smoking and the number of smoking women and children is constantly growing. Two thirds of the parents smoke at home. Teachers and doctors smoking in schools and in the corridors, but their example gradually the whole class starts to smoke. Children start smoking, imitating their parents, to nine years and regular smoking at 13! Environment in our country is very tolerant (parents, teachers, doctors). Not impose any sanctions h smoking students! Missing and health education. Subject hygiene is not taught in schools and in natural science textbooks do not provide practical knowledge about beneficial and harmful constituents of various vegetable and animal products. Smoking is the first important factor for mortality in developed countries, so that in the last two decades fighting it became a major concern of the World Health Organization and government guidance in many countries. A number of measures introduced to limit it. Was banned smoking in public places (restaurants, cafes, bakeries, lounges, theaters, discos, etc..), Which unfortunately (due to misunderstood democracy) in recent years in our tacit dropped and no one to monitor compliance with the prohibitions.

The most toxic component of tobacco smoke is nicotine. With each cigarette takes 2.7 mg of nicotine, a deadly dose is 80 mg.If a dog's mouth pipetting two drops of nicotine, it dies after 2 minutes!

Nicotine causes a short excitation with increase in heart activity, vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure and difficulty in blood flow to the brain and other internal organs. Furthermore, tobacco smoke contains carcinogenic substances that cause lung cancer, mouth, etc.. bodies and numerous toxins. So smokers are very honored to stomach ulcers, chronic bronchitis, heart attacks, liver damage, miscarriages and premature births.

According to American writers each cigarette shortens life by an average of 7.5 minutes.

So smoking is slow suicide! It is a poison, however, for others, so-called passive smokers who breathe smoky air and absorb these toxic substances.

We must not forget that addiction to cigarettes and others. drug is easy (first out of curiosity and imitation of parents or friends), but unfortunately quitting is difficult and requires much time, desire, willpower and perseverance! In this respect, can help some foods that suppress cravings

They have a high alkaline content, such as spinach, beets, dried figs, raisins, almonds, which maintain a high level of nicotine in the body and reduce the need for adoption. Smokers who took baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), after 5 weeks, almost all gave up cigarettes.

Back - foods that make urine more acid and accelerate the release of nicotine from the body, increase the need for adoption and taught the habit of smoking should therefore be limited. These include: red and chicken liver, eggs, cheese, wheat germ, peanuts, walnuts, plums, blueberries, coffee, cola, beer, fruit juices.

To reject using gargle before smoking 2-3 times daily with a 1% solution of silver nitrate. When suction smoke gets nasty smell of rotten eggs and taste aversion to causing smoke.

Helps eating fresh decoction of oats. 100g washed paddy oats soak for 4 hours in 2 liters of water, then boil 1 hour. Drink 4 weeks.

Other recommendations: drinking 2-3 glasses of warm water or juice several times a day. To eat more fruit. More walking and running! Do not drink coffee, tea, beer! Instead of a cigarette to eat nuts, carrots, candy, gum, soft drinks. More frequent visits to the theater, cinema, concerts, tours and more. activities.

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