Cigarettes not only profoundly mistaken in his pocket, but in our cells. Terrible signs and chilling images are invisible to smokers.

And everyone has a grandfather who whiff to 90 years and has been very good. And if the cigarette is a nail in the coffin, then non-smokers will knocks.

Many are captured to draw nicotine nails the New Year and January is full of festivities that go with the cup and cigarette.Usually fast before quoting Mark Twain - "Easiest thing in the world to quit smoking. I myself have done it a thousand times. "

Indians pulled tobacco because of religious rituals, then they became fashionable. But now consider that the person is richer and better educated, so is less likely to smoke. In the West whiff crammed into terrible public ashtrays. This will happen in our country since the beginning of summer The legitimate drug will be banned in enclosed public places. Therefore, attempts to detach the habit is good to start now.

They say that to join the ranks of nonsmokers, did not have to think about cigarettes. When the number of cigarettes and days without them, yet does not mean that tobacco cigarettes.

Experts usually talk about two kinds of relationships - both physically and mentally. The body is doing for weeks, but poisonous thoughts last longer.

Nicotine leads to headaches, insomnia, cough, irritability, lack of concentration during the first weeks. It is good to absorb more fluids, soups, fruits and vegetables. Desire disappears with a spoonful of honey or apple instead of chips and seeds. For two or three months into vitamin C.

According to a folk recipe with refusing tobacco cigarettes made from the herb feverfew to 5 days. The first day I smoke 5 cigarettes, then decrease by one.

According to psychologists, the smoker can not cope if there is no idea why whiff. Each has built its own smoke illusion, so methods for refusal in May of each act differently. Mainly offer two tactics.The first is - decide when and disclosure of all, do not drink coffee, alcohol and give up all that goes with tsigarkata.

The second is by placing short-term goals - no smoking tomorrow, tomorrow is another and so every day ... The aim is not to fight the desire but to accept it. There are thousands of mantras for autosuggestion and courage in battle with nicotine, but I think it's best for everyone to find their own.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that smoking allows you to believe that doing something when doing nothing. There are various calculations, but every cigarette not only kills nerve cells, but also time. Therefore, one of the most common advice is to change our everyday lives to avoid situations in which smoking. Instead of a couch and coffee tsigarkata - in the gym. Sport and walks free from tension and stress, and did not gain weight, which often scares smokers.

The most common advice when it appears frantic desire for a puff are - breathe deeply, drink water, do something else.

Quitting smoking is difficult, because the smoker is alone in the battle with nicotine. Therefore, recently said that the group quitting is more effective, there are many sites and centers for tobacco control. A tobacco industry opposes another - products, patches, gum ... Many electronic cigarette caused a sensation, but its effect is controversial.

Smokers are often justified, that the cigarette brings them pleasure, reduces stress and tension. But it's easier when you're stressed or angry, to exhale deeply and feel bad to walk.

Universal recipe for coping with not smoking. Everyone must find his way to throw ashtrays. And May is the surest way ticket to Bhutan, as they do not sell tobacco.
Maybe not so famous, but certainly very good, reason to stop smoking is Byurgerova disease.

When it comes chronic inflammation of the arteries and veins of the extremities, often lower, combined with multiple thrombosis.Alternating periods of exacerbation and attenuation of inflammation in disease progression is often in a state of severe ulcers and gangrene. At this stage most often requires amputation of the affected limb.

Byurgerova disease pathogenesis is not well understood, but it is certainly the importance of tobacco smoke and nicotine for her initiation is assumed that a type of autoimmune disorder that is triggered under the influence of constituents in cigarette smoke.Gender is also important - women suffer twice as often than women.

Byurgerova disease is not life-threatening disease, but greatly reduces the quality of life - pain in the extremities and subsequent complications make it difficult for everyday activities and even self.

Interestingly, although it is an illness with inflammation of blood vessels and thrombosis, inflammatory and thrombolytic drugs have minimal effect. The highest therapeutic value is quitting, the greatest slowing the progression observed in humans gave up smoking after diagnosis. Accordingly, they most often leads to complications and amputations.

Perhaps the most famous person suffering from this disease, the English King George VI. In his book "God Save the Queen" (God save the Queen) Alan Mitchie wrote that the King was diagnosed with Byurgerova disease at the end of 1948 or early 1949 after failing to abandon his passion for cigarettes King underwent surgery to remove the nerve ganglion, in 1949

The disease, known as obliterative tromboangiit (Tromboangiitis obliterans), named Leo Buerger, who first described it in 1908

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