Upon refusal of habit - smoking, instead of suspicious betting synthetic drugs, it is best to turn to nature. There are many and various herbs that will help you in this endeavor. When nicotine when you stop smoking, be received and nervous disorders. Will stop the habit should be stimulated, and the body is necessary to help overcome the harmful effects of poisons accumulated with years of nicotine.

As with all herbs, it is desirable to read the statement and follow dosage. Here are some herbs that can help in quitting the habit:

Lobelia - this is a beautiful ornamental plant, but the herb is little known here. She has had a calming effect and may help by reducing the desire for nicotine. After taking this herb, the taste of cigarettes is disgusting

St. John's wort - this is a traditional herb that also called magic herb. It improves the tone and contributes to a positive attitude. For anyone who really wants to stop smoking, this attitude is critical.

Black kohosh - tea from this herb is recommended for calming the nerves and irritability, which is unpleasant companion in the initial phase of quitting.

Blue vervain - the best natural tranquilizer, it is suitable for removal of nervous tension stress of quitting

Catnip - herb soothes the digestive system is irritated that the period of withdrawal from cigarettes.

Hyssop - helps in the treatment of lung secretions, relieves anxiety and hysteria that appear when you quit smoking.

If you really aspire to quit smoking, find out which herbs will help, but be sure to consult a pharmacist - not all combinations are appropriate.
To quit smoking is difficult but not impossible. The refusal of the habit could not be provoked by another person and the decision is often based on their own preference and choice ...

Preference - because realistically rekindling cigarette smoke and dragging her play image, which internally we have chosen to emulate. Try to imagine how you see a time when you smoke, remember what provoked you to light the first cigarette, how the experience has turned into a game it a habit and ultimately has led to dependence.

Ever wondered why repeated attempts to quit smoking have met with failure? The reason is that you admit to yourself that followers of intrusion from community model. Actually, I like you to smoke. The first essential step in quitting tobacco is to find the image. When you know who is against you, the battle is easier.

Try to quit smoking. Every experience you closer to the desired result. Studies show that people have left the cigarettes before their final stop, made it 5-6 before the failed attempts. So it's never too late to stop.
Practical tips on how to stop smoking
How to start?
Choose a date, but in the next two weeks. The important thing is that it is clear, is shown in the calendar. Otherwise perfect day never comes.
To make it easier to enforce the decision, make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking. The reasons can be health, family - the children could hardly be nice to feel unpleasant tobacco smell from your clothes and breath. The financial argument is persuasive.
Binding of certain events with smoking cessation also works. These may be pregnancy, childbirth or grandchild, moving house ...
When the day is at hand ...
Consider whether you could opt for some kind of exercise or a hobby to replace holding a cigarette and engage your mind. Experts recommend activities such as assembly of miniature models of ships, knitting, playing mobile phone, etc..
Try to limit places to kindle a cigarette. For example, do not smoke at home or in the car.
Find out cigarette substitutes - such as nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, pills and medications to facilitate abstinence from cigarettes and snuff you experience.
There are many methods to quit smoking. Explore them and stop two or three that will help you to quit the habit. This is because everyone is different and we do not know which method will actually be appropriate.
The day
There was a adjustment day - do not light a cigarette, do not let even a puff. To fulfill your request, do not carry cigarettes with you and do not buy more.
The beginning is behind you
Giving routine cigarette lighter is one of the most important steps in quitting smoking. For example, you used to kindle a cigarette in the car - clean body and renew the seats or covers, put the bag or remove the wheel. These changes will remind you what you were promised. You like after sex to smoke - just replace the habit, for example, sip a sip of red wine or eat a fruit pieces.
If during your work to smoke, get up and walk. Moving tone will suffice.
Avoid the company of smokers, because their presence will be difficult to avoid. If you have a habit of lighting a cigarette in a bar, avoid these just for smokers or respective studios.
Group therapy in our country is less popular, but also offer such services. Sharing problems to quit making the implementation of the decision is not so difficult and agonizing. In conversations and shared difficulties faced by any refusal of smoking. It is possible to get ready for the experience of overcoming a stage.
It is advisable to keep in touch with a specialist or refused by smoking know who to look for in a moment of weakness. These people know how to support you in this moment to not smoke again.
Consider the time you spend on smoking, you could not invest in the sport. Exercise improves mood and tone, both body and mind. If you are concerned about weight gain due to quitting this training will help to keep your figure. Experts advise to start with exercise gradually.
Do not blame if it endure and smoke. Consider what the reason - whether due to your hunger for nicotine, stress or pressure, and prepare an adequate solution to counter the next moment of weakness. The final withdrawal from cigarettes pass through several difficult periods, the question is to keep the intent and time with other pursuits distract spontaneous seizures start.
Good luck!

Nicotine replacement therapy is safe for use after heart attack, scientists say.
The findings are important for people with heart problems, where cessation is particularly important.
Smoking after heart attack increases the risk of second heart attack, but the ability of patients to quit smoking is quite low in general, says Dr. Kevin Wolf, a cardiologist at Hillsboro Cardiology in Oregon.
Resources for smoking cessation, as nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and tablets will double their chances to get rid of the habit he added.
In other studies, however, nicotine substitutes are not good for heart patients.
Nicotine normally induces contraction of the arteries. It can harm people who have arterial problems.
To investigate the possible harm of nicotine replacement therapy, a team of researchers collected medical information for 663 smokers discharged from hospital after acute coronary syndromes, including heart attack or unstable angina.
Doctors prescribe nicotine replacement product, in most cases, patches of 184 participants.

After one year, received a prescription is presented as well as those who are not.
29% of people applying therapy for smoking and 31% of people in other group died or other major heart problem within a year of leaving the hospital.
The study shows that this method of quitting smoking is safe to use after an acute coronary syndrome, defines the research team.
The study was published in the journal American Journal of

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