The effect of tobacco is due to present in dry leaves poisonous substance called nicotine. Very little of this terrible poison for 1 minute kills tame rabbit, and lodged in the human stomach, causing vertigo, dizziness, vomiting, convulsion of the body, loss of sight and smell, weakness and tremors, difficulty breathing, insomnia. Phenomena of poisoning last few days. Similar symptoms, but in lesser degree, were observed, as is known, and after the first cigarette. It is true that signs of acute poisoning gradually disappear in the smoker, but signs of chronic poisoning is not delayed.

However, if smoke is swallowed (inhaled) or not, whether you smoke, or just standing in a room where smoking, the damage is equally great. Because the poison, which contains tobacco (nicotine) is volatile and penetrates deep into the smallest bronchial ramifications. Hence it is drawn and blood as a spread throughout the body.

This damage is particularly high for children whose parents smoke - that's why all doctors are adamant that is a crime to smoke in children's rooms because of the gentle children's body smoking is particularly harmful and sometimes disastrous.

The most common symptoms of nicotine poisoning are heart disease. Tobacco accelerated heartbeat. This tired heart, and diseases such as pneumonia, where there is fever, borne only by the healthy heart. At smokers damage the blood vessels of the heart and develop atherosclerosis, but it leads to heart attacks. They meet at tyutyundzhiite much more frequently than in non-smokers. In addition, smoking causes frequent arrhythmia, angina, claudication preseklivo with severe pain in one leg due to spasm and blocked arteries, and sometimes leads to gangrene of one or both legs.

Most suffered heart to the 50th year - then it expands and yields a special name "tobacco heart." Early aging in some people is largely due to this poison.

Smokers often suffer from catarrh of the throat, sore throat with hoarseness of voice. The worst however is the impact of tobacco on the bronchi. To develop chronic bronchitis, leading to expansion of the lungs (emphysema) with consequently often cough and shortness of breath during physical activity.Moreover, air bubbles (alveoli) are stretched excessively and lose its elasticity. Lung cancer develops in smokers 10-20 times more frequently than among nonsmokers, depending on the number of cigarettes smoked daily.

Many argue that smoking ruins your teeth, acts on the enamel. It must be bad impact on his stomach, who refuses to take poison, but insists smoker. Experienced digestive disorders: anorexia, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, numbing, especially taste and smell, and finally it seems that the occurrence of ulcers in the stomach or duodenum is largely caused by the harmful effects of nicotine which causes constriction of blood vessels in the gastric mucosa.

Great harm tobacco causes the nervous system: general nervousness, severe irritability, cowardice tendency to melancholy, dizziness, depression, tinnitus, insomnia, tremors of the hands and feet shine in the eyes, loss of memory and other mental qualities , neuralgia, inflammation of the optic nerve deterioration in vision.

Some stops the growth of tobacco growing organism. Cells do not develop well because young people can not grow normally.

With continued smoking tobacco nicotine in the blood and passes through it reaches between other organs and gonads.Therefore, it is observed in males decreased virility which the suspension or restriction of smoking returns, and the women - infertility and miscarriage. Women who want to become mothers to give up time from this despicable and dangerous habit.

Newborn health depends mainly on the health of the mother.Smoking adversely affects the fetus and the pregnant because nicotine passes into the blood of mother and child. It is bad and the milk of a mother who smokes.

Tobacco poison goes into the blood not only in respiratory organs, and through the skin. Smoke-soaked clothes hold it for a long time and transmit it through the skin of the blood. Do we want to limit detrimental effects to a minimum, must make a full airing of the long room. To change clothes and let out a long breath of a full exemption from the smoke.

How to otviknem smoking tobacco? In the fight against fraud in the tobacco should never recommend a moderate use of tobacco. For moderate use turns into abuse of its effects, disease and degeneration. In this struggle requires only a firm will.

The best way to stop smoking tobacco is to suddenly decide not to smoke ever, not to make arrangements, such as: "I only smoke one cigarette per day or one cigarette after every meal." We must to compromise with bad habits and wishes. Only complete surrender to defeat evil once and for all.

A. disuse of smoking in milder cases. Once you decide to quit tobacco, Get 1 kg of pure honey.

Morning when you open your eyes before you appear at your desire to light their first cigarette, eat a full tablespoon of honey.Then quickly become out of bed, dress and 10 minutes after you eat honey, drink a glass of hot milk with no sugar and no bread.

Before lunch and dinner (30 minutes) repeat with milk and honey.

At other times, when your smoking initiation, or eat one fresh or dried apricot, or plum - they kill the cravings.

Practice this for 3-7 days and noticed I'm not used to from this bad for you and your loved ones habit.

B. disuse of smoking in severe cases:

I. Morning, afternoon and evening 20 minutes before a meal into a sugar cube (or teaspoon) with water and 15 drops of tincture of grains of green oats.

II. Ten minutes after the honey drink a cup of 100 g otvarka of 12 herbs for blood purification: agrimoniya, pine tips, Greek nettle, speedwell, St. John's wort, yellow yarrow, plantain (narrow leaves), leaves of wild strawberry, raspberry leaves, stinky woodruff, walnut leaves and red juniper - grain 30 g of each. From this mixture 2 tablespoons stays with 500 g of boiling water and boil on low heat 15 minutes, but as cool, strain.

Diet - as well as chronic drunkenness (alcoholism).

Instead of water, if given otvarki are insufficient to drink infusions of hardwood plantain (leaves) - 20 leaves brewed with 500 g of boiling water, soak 1 hour lid and filter.

III. Two hours after meal drink in a cup of '75 otvarka of Icelandic Moss '40, field horsetail '50, '75 budaritsa, common nettle and goose grass 100 From this mixture 2 tablespoons stays with 500 g of boiling water and cook on low heat 10 minutes, cool, strain.

IV. Bedtime: 1-2 nights in a row in a warm enema with 1 liter of chamomile tea (enhanced with 1-2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda), then whenever such constipation enema with 1 liter of chamomile tea, after which for 10-20 nights in a row to make all warm bath (36-37 ° C for 10-20 minutes) with otvarka Field Buzz - whole herb with the root (10-15 roots of elder) and 1 pot of water boil 30 minutes but as cool water is poured into the tub, after each bath is made with 1-2 dry wrap blankets for better perspiration, so as to lie 2-3 hours. Moreover, the same otvarka can make 2-3 baths in succession, having warmed up to what temperature. In the absence of bath to dress "wet shirt" soaked in the same otvarka - lies in its 2-3 hours.

V. Morning, with more open eyes, to make the formula autosuggestion: "Every day I feel a growing aversion to tobacco and soon will leave him forever." Said quickly, whisper and willed 20 times (see "suggestion and autosuggestion" Item I), followed by dry brush body massage 5 minutes and rubbing of the armpits, abdomen and genitals with warm water and then dressing and 10-20 deep breaths to exhale slowly.

Sunday - if you do not feel the urge to smoke - all with the rest of the hike in the mountains, otherwise the treatment continues.

Key additions:

1. If any desire to smoke a cigarette patient must suppress this desire, and ate some fruit - apricot, plum, etc. keep in mind that the smoking of one cigarette usually removes the results of prior treatment.

2. In severe cases of tobacco could be used, and only by adult smokers to smoke 1-3 cigarettes a day, prepared from dried leaves of feverfew (Tanacetum vulgar). Causes of smoking aversion.

If the chances of conceiving a healthy woman in her 20 years, about 50%, then 30 years this ratio has dropped and women have only about 20% chance of conceiving. At age 40 the chances of conception reduced to 5%, according to American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Quantity and quality of eggs and sperm are the key components of successful conception. At birth, she has more than 1 million eggs. This number decreased to about 250,000 to 300,000 when it reaches puberty. The woman will ovulate approximately 300 to 500 times during their reproductive years, which is more than enough. The body absorbs unused eggs - degenerative process called follicular atresia.

In this regard, men also have an "internal alarm". With age they are at risk of reduced reproductive capacity and the risk of defective sperm.

Several studies have found that age is not the only reason for existing reproductive problems. Lifestyle, including smoking and alcohol use also affect the possibility of conception.

Smoking before conception
There is growing evidence that smoking significantly longer time to conceive. Studies show that women who smoke cigarettes are subject to the risk of poor quality eggs, and early menopause - both of which reduce the number of reproductive years. According to a study of the British Medical Association, the chances of conceiving fall by 40% in female smokers compared with nonsmokers. As a result, women take longer to conceive a possibility of this happening naturally decreases.Furthermore, the risk of premature birth in women smokers is significantly higher. Smoking before and during pregnancy increases the risk of abortion, since it increases the likelihood that an egg has chromosomal abnormalities.

Health and lifestyle of the men also affects fertilnnostta and conception, according to research. Scientists from the University of the Saarland found that men who smoke at least 20 cigarettes a day have lower concentrations of protamine, two proteins found in semen than men who do not smoke cigarettes. Protamine is considered an integral part of cell division that ensure proper chromosome formation during conception.

Alcohol use before conception
Like how smoking affects fertility, drinking alcohol before trying to conceive may also have an adverse effect, reducing the chances of successful pregnancy and increased risk of miscarriage.

A study published in the journal British Medical Journal found that women who drank more than 10 alcoholic drinks per week, have impaired fertility. Even those who consumed 5 or less per week had difficulties, compared with women who did not consume alcohol while trying to conceive.

It is believed that alcohol affects the levels of estrogen and other reproductive hormones in the body, leading to disturbances in ovulation - prolonged menstrual cycle and cause of anovulatory cycles. In the absence of ovulation, a woman's ovaries do not release the egg and thus conception is impossible.

Alcohol use in men is associated with decreased sperm count and low speed, which means that a larger percentage of available sperm is unable to make a "long journey" to fertilize the egg of the woman.

For higher chances of getting pregnant, health professionals recommend stopping smoking and drinking at least 2-3 months before trying to conceive.

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