Nicotine replacement therapy is safe for use after heart attack, scientists say.
The findings are important for people with heart problems, where cessation is particularly important.
Smoking after heart attack increases the risk of second heart attack, but the ability of patients to quit smoking is quite low in general, says Dr. Kevin Wolf, a cardiologist at Hillsboro Cardiology in Oregon.
Resources for smoking cessation, as nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and tablets will double their chances to get rid of the habit he added.
In other studies, however, nicotine substitutes are not good for heart patients.
Nicotine normally induces contraction of the arteries. It can harm people who have arterial problems.
To investigate the possible harm of nicotine replacement therapy, a team of researchers collected medical information for 663 smokers discharged from hospital after acute coronary syndromes, including heart attack or unstable angina.
Doctors prescribe nicotine replacement product, in most cases, patches of 184 participants.

After one year, received a prescription is presented as well as those who are not.
29% of people applying therapy for smoking and 31% of people in other group died or other major heart problem within a year of leaving the hospital.
The study shows that this method of quitting smoking is safe to use after an acute coronary syndrome, defines the research team.
The study was published in the journal American Journal of

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