To quit smoking is difficult but not impossible. The refusal of the habit could not be provoked by another person and the decision is often based on their own preference and choice ...

Preference - because realistically rekindling cigarette smoke and dragging her play image, which internally we have chosen to emulate. Try to imagine how you see a time when you smoke, remember what provoked you to light the first cigarette, how the experience has turned into a game it a habit and ultimately has led to dependence.

Ever wondered why repeated attempts to quit smoking have met with failure? The reason is that you admit to yourself that followers of intrusion from community model. Actually, I like you to smoke. The first essential step in quitting tobacco is to find the image. When you know who is against you, the battle is easier.

Try to quit smoking. Every experience you closer to the desired result. Studies show that people have left the cigarettes before their final stop, made it 5-6 before the failed attempts. So it's never too late to stop.
Practical tips on how to stop smoking
How to start?
Choose a date, but in the next two weeks. The important thing is that it is clear, is shown in the calendar. Otherwise perfect day never comes.
To make it easier to enforce the decision, make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking. The reasons can be health, family - the children could hardly be nice to feel unpleasant tobacco smell from your clothes and breath. The financial argument is persuasive.
Binding of certain events with smoking cessation also works. These may be pregnancy, childbirth or grandchild, moving house ...
When the day is at hand ...
Consider whether you could opt for some kind of exercise or a hobby to replace holding a cigarette and engage your mind. Experts recommend activities such as assembly of miniature models of ships, knitting, playing mobile phone, etc..
Try to limit places to kindle a cigarette. For example, do not smoke at home or in the car.
Find out cigarette substitutes - such as nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, pills and medications to facilitate abstinence from cigarettes and snuff you experience.
There are many methods to quit smoking. Explore them and stop two or three that will help you to quit the habit. This is because everyone is different and we do not know which method will actually be appropriate.
The day
There was a adjustment day - do not light a cigarette, do not let even a puff. To fulfill your request, do not carry cigarettes with you and do not buy more.
The beginning is behind you
Giving routine cigarette lighter is one of the most important steps in quitting smoking. For example, you used to kindle a cigarette in the car - clean body and renew the seats or covers, put the bag or remove the wheel. These changes will remind you what you were promised. You like after sex to smoke - just replace the habit, for example, sip a sip of red wine or eat a fruit pieces.
If during your work to smoke, get up and walk. Moving tone will suffice.
Avoid the company of smokers, because their presence will be difficult to avoid. If you have a habit of lighting a cigarette in a bar, avoid these just for smokers or respective studios.
Group therapy in our country is less popular, but also offer such services. Sharing problems to quit making the implementation of the decision is not so difficult and agonizing. In conversations and shared difficulties faced by any refusal of smoking. It is possible to get ready for the experience of overcoming a stage.
It is advisable to keep in touch with a specialist or refused by smoking know who to look for in a moment of weakness. These people know how to support you in this moment to not smoke again.
Consider the time you spend on smoking, you could not invest in the sport. Exercise improves mood and tone, both body and mind. If you are concerned about weight gain due to quitting this training will help to keep your figure. Experts advise to start with exercise gradually.
Do not blame if it endure and smoke. Consider what the reason - whether due to your hunger for nicotine, stress or pressure, and prepare an adequate solution to counter the next moment of weakness. The final withdrawal from cigarettes pass through several difficult periods, the question is to keep the intent and time with other pursuits distract spontaneous seizures start.
Good luck!

Nicotine replacement therapy is safe for use after heart attack, scientists say.
The findings are important for people with heart problems, where cessation is particularly important.
Smoking after heart attack increases the risk of second heart attack, but the ability of patients to quit smoking is quite low in general, says Dr. Kevin Wolf, a cardiologist at Hillsboro Cardiology in Oregon.
Resources for smoking cessation, as nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and tablets will double their chances to get rid of the habit he added.
In other studies, however, nicotine substitutes are not good for heart patients.
Nicotine normally induces contraction of the arteries. It can harm people who have arterial problems.
To investigate the possible harm of nicotine replacement therapy, a team of researchers collected medical information for 663 smokers discharged from hospital after acute coronary syndromes, including heart attack or unstable angina.
Doctors prescribe nicotine replacement product, in most cases, patches of 184 participants.

After one year, received a prescription is presented as well as those who are not.
29% of people applying therapy for smoking and 31% of people in other group died or other major heart problem within a year of leaving the hospital.
The study shows that this method of quitting smoking is safe to use after an acute coronary syndrome, defines the research team.
The study was published in the journal American Journal of

Smokers may one day be immunized against nicotine, so you do not get pleasure from this habit, says U.S. study.

Scientists have developed a vaccine that entered the body antibodies that fight off nicotine on entering the body.

The study, published in Science Translational Medicine, shows that the levels of chemicals in the brain were reduced by 85% after vaccination.

Incoming many tests and trials before the vaccine can be administered to humans. However, experts are encouraged by the data obtained so far.

The best way to treat nicotine dependence is a chronic Patrol antibody which clears the blood of the chemicals before they are able to have a biological effect, supplement scientists.
Smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer and increased risk of developing other cancers.

Research carried out by the National Institute of heart lung and blood diseases (NHLBI) of the U.S., confirmed that smokers quit, including physical activity, have a higher percentage of long-term success.

The study enrolled subjects aged 18 to 65 years who smoked at least five cigarettes a day during the year preceding the survey.

Estimation of physical and mental condition of smokers continued for seven weeks followed by 6 to 12 months follow-up, including periodically evaluating the behavior of smokers, a new physical activity, body fat index.

All participants underwent sixteen 60-minute interviews and twelve 20-minute telephone sessions for the evaluation of their condition.

Also receiving regular mail information regarding the program to quit. The aim was to focus the attention of smokers to their physical activity and detachment of a sedentary lifestyle.

    The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of physical activity programs to quit smoking with nicotine replacement or impact on smoking behavior.

    Was confirmed the effectiveness of programs for smoking cessation based on physical activity in combination with nicotine replacement therapy or targeted impact on changing the behavior of smokers, having a sedentary lifestyle.

In this study the best results were achieved in non medicinal methods based on reflex-therapy combined with physical activity.

Smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer and increased risk of developing other cancers, chronic lung and heart disease.

It is the only proven cause of preventable death in the U.S. and the factors leading to cancer in one third of cases a year.

A number of existing methods for quitting the habit, including nicotine replacement - medicines and chewing gum, have a high enough success rate.

However, people who have good physical activity involved in programs for smoking cessation show better long-term results in terms of change in weight after quitting smoking.
Alcohol consumption, smoking and weight are problematic factors for women entering menopause, according to a survey of the Institute of Cancer Research UK.
Cigarette smoking, for example, is associated with the onset of menopause two years earlier than usual. A weight problems have the opposite effect, says study leader Dr. Daniel Morris.Menopausal symptoms appeared a year later in obese women compared with those with normal weight. This is probably due to the effects of fat that they have on sex hormones.
There shall be more that menopause occurs later in women who drank more than two drinks per day, aged between 25 and 49 years are not sufficiently physically active between the ages of 30 and 49, or vegetarian.
The findings are important because they delay the onset of menopause is a risk factor for many diseases such as breast cancer, experts emphasize.

However, more research to determine whether reducing alcohol consumption or practicing more exercises influence of menopause.
The study included 50 000 women aged between 40 and 98 years who filled out a questionnaire about their body weight, eating habits, physical activity and when they have gone through menopause.
The results were published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.
Menopause is a period of a woman's life associated with decreased ovarian function and secretion of estrogen from them.Typically, menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 years.
Cigarettes not only profoundly mistaken in his pocket, but in our cells. Terrible signs and chilling images are invisible to smokers.

And everyone has a grandfather who whiff to 90 years and has been very good. And if the cigarette is a nail in the coffin, then non-smokers will knocks.

Many are captured to draw nicotine nails the New Year and January is full of festivities that go with the cup and cigarette.Usually fast before quoting Mark Twain - "Easiest thing in the world to quit smoking. I myself have done it a thousand times. "

Indians pulled tobacco because of religious rituals, then they became fashionable. But now consider that the person is richer and better educated, so is less likely to smoke. In the West whiff crammed into terrible public ashtrays. This will happen in our country since the beginning of summer The legitimate drug will be banned in enclosed public places. Therefore, attempts to detach the habit is good to start now.

They say that to join the ranks of nonsmokers, did not have to think about cigarettes. When the number of cigarettes and days without them, yet does not mean that tobacco cigarettes.

Experts usually talk about two kinds of relationships - both physically and mentally. The body is doing for weeks, but poisonous thoughts last longer.

Nicotine leads to headaches, insomnia, cough, irritability, lack of concentration during the first weeks. It is good to absorb more fluids, soups, fruits and vegetables. Desire disappears with a spoonful of honey or apple instead of chips and seeds. For two or three months into vitamin C.

According to a folk recipe with refusing tobacco cigarettes made from the herb feverfew to 5 days. The first day I smoke 5 cigarettes, then decrease by one.

According to psychologists, the smoker can not cope if there is no idea why whiff. Each has built its own smoke illusion, so methods for refusal in May of each act differently. Mainly offer two tactics.The first is - decide when and disclosure of all, do not drink coffee, alcohol and give up all that goes with tsigarkata.

The second is by placing short-term goals - no smoking tomorrow, tomorrow is another and so every day ... The aim is not to fight the desire but to accept it. There are thousands of mantras for autosuggestion and courage in battle with nicotine, but I think it's best for everyone to find their own.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that smoking allows you to believe that doing something when doing nothing. There are various calculations, but every cigarette not only kills nerve cells, but also time. Therefore, one of the most common advice is to change our everyday lives to avoid situations in which smoking. Instead of a couch and coffee tsigarkata - in the gym. Sport and walks free from tension and stress, and did not gain weight, which often scares smokers.

The most common advice when it appears frantic desire for a puff are - breathe deeply, drink water, do something else.

Quitting smoking is difficult, because the smoker is alone in the battle with nicotine. Therefore, recently said that the group quitting is more effective, there are many sites and centers for tobacco control. A tobacco industry opposes another - products, patches, gum ... Many electronic cigarette caused a sensation, but its effect is controversial.

Smokers are often justified, that the cigarette brings them pleasure, reduces stress and tension. But it's easier when you're stressed or angry, to exhale deeply and feel bad to walk.

Universal recipe for coping with not smoking. Everyone must find his way to throw ashtrays. And May is the surest way ticket to Bhutan, as they do not sell tobacco.
Maybe not so famous, but certainly very good, reason to stop smoking is Byurgerova disease.

When it comes chronic inflammation of the arteries and veins of the extremities, often lower, combined with multiple thrombosis.Alternating periods of exacerbation and attenuation of inflammation in disease progression is often in a state of severe ulcers and gangrene. At this stage most often requires amputation of the affected limb.

Byurgerova disease pathogenesis is not well understood, but it is certainly the importance of tobacco smoke and nicotine for her initiation is assumed that a type of autoimmune disorder that is triggered under the influence of constituents in cigarette smoke.Gender is also important - women suffer twice as often than women.

Byurgerova disease is not life-threatening disease, but greatly reduces the quality of life - pain in the extremities and subsequent complications make it difficult for everyday activities and even self.

Interestingly, although it is an illness with inflammation of blood vessels and thrombosis, inflammatory and thrombolytic drugs have minimal effect. The highest therapeutic value is quitting, the greatest slowing the progression observed in humans gave up smoking after diagnosis. Accordingly, they most often leads to complications and amputations.

Perhaps the most famous person suffering from this disease, the English King George VI. In his book "God Save the Queen" (God save the Queen) Alan Mitchie wrote that the King was diagnosed with Byurgerova disease at the end of 1948 or early 1949 after failing to abandon his passion for cigarettes King underwent surgery to remove the nerve ganglion, in 1949

The disease, known as obliterative tromboangiit (Tromboangiitis obliterans), named Leo Buerger, who first described it in 1908
Today is great day to stop smoking! Right?

Day after day, cigarette after cigarette. Things go. You think you are healthy and that your good cheer and put tobacco more attractive ads. As one of the adventurer, wearing a leather camel background ... Yes, this is smoking. Irresponsible adventure own and others' lungs, and hence to global health.

How does smoking harm the pocket ...
We all heard about the damage of cigarettes, and the inscription on each box: "Smoking kills!" did not affect the more tough-smokers.

Many believe that you're going to die - let's be nice. Others say they smoke negligible quantity of purified tobacco, so do not feel threatened.

Third laugh at me, saying: "I decided I'm not refusing them!"However, they all know they are dependent.

Toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke
Nicotine is a drug. Yes, it is a substance with rapid sedative effect on the psyche. It takes only seven to eight seconds after inhalation of tobacco smoke to enter you in lung alveoli into the blood nicotine molecule to reach the brain.

Yes, nicotine products are legal, but that does not mean they are harmless. Desire of certain circles in society to proclaim "normality" of smoking based on tradition, is the marketing policy with centuries of tradition and strong interests.

In Rome, the massacre of people in the arena was also normal, like slavery before the advent of modern U.S. and Europe.Nicotine is a substance with no social future.

Carbon monoxide (CO)
This substance occurs in the form of toxic gas. Formed during the combustion of tobacco and enters the blood of smokers in lung alveoli.

Immediately after this was offset by red blood cells where it combines with hemoglobin 240 times stronger than the relationship of carbon dioxide - hemoglobin.

This means that carbon monoxide competes and dominates, and thus hampers breathing by blocking normal breathing circuits.

This, accompanied by low levels of red blood cells, leading to chronic fatigue, dizziness and headache. Something very familiar for women smokers.

Some carbon monoxide molecules reach various organs and tissues where they have many negative effects. Broadly speaking, slowing cellular metabolism.

Suffice it to slow down metabolism and action of erythrocytes (RBC) for a long time to talk about delayed recovery, slow food and slow growth of all cells kislorodnozavisimi.

Muscle tissue is rich in myoglobin, like hemoglobin in red cells, it binds and carries oxygen in muscles for successful realization of the Krebs cycle (tricarboxylic acid cycle).

However, heart muscle and is also one which does not stop working. Sometimes carbon monoxide to break the link with hemoglobin and hemoglobin associated with a heart. As a result, the disease may develop cerebral ischemia of the heart (ischemia).

In endothelial cells induces the release of free radicals, including peroksinitrit.

In the brain, leading to capillary bleeding, mitochondrial malfunction, expropriation of leukocytes, and often to stimulate programmed cell death. Literally melts your brain.

Contained in cigarette smoke. Inhaled, it sticks in lung cells and reduces the active surface, absorbing oxygen. In the long smoking may cover up to 70%.

Irritating to mucous membranes and is responsible for pulmonary inflammation and extraordinary burden on the heart and blood even at moderately elevated kardioaktivnost.

What is the negative effect on athletes?
reduced aerobic capacity;
additional stress on the heart;
kardiopolzite eliminated on the heart;
increased risk of heart disease in smokers doing cardio;
cigarette after cardio increases the carcinogenic effect of tobacco smoke;
metabolism slows down;
causes hormonal imbalance (leptin-androstenedione in men, leptin, estrogen, leptin, insulin);
eliminates the benefits of sport in terms of slowing the loss of bone mineral density.
Health risks associated with smoking:
premature aging;
increased risk of premature death;
doubled risk of cardiovascular disease;
ten to eleven times higher risk of lung cancer compared with smoking.
Diseases and negative effects associated with chronic smoking:
reduced potency;
supports the progression of atherosclerosis (by participating in building calcium and cholesterol plaque narrowing of blood vessels);
support the occurrence of at least 11 types of malignant (cancerous) formations;
assist the spread of air Distributable viral and bacterial infections;
leads to the occurrence of chronic bronchitis;
leads to the occurrence of emphysema;
harms the fetus and enters breast milk in pregnant and lactating women;
leads to the occurrence of coronary heart disease.
Tobacco depression (withdrawal and weight gain)
It was found that smoking affects the secretion of the hormone leptin. This hormone plays a role in the metabolism by regulating appetite and activity of fat cells.

This is particularly important for people trying to quit, because leptin levels are increased many times during nicotine withdrawal.

The periods of the voracious appetite and irritability are known as tobacco depression and those who try to stop tobacco often, but failed, always suffer from it.

This can be avoided if these include sport and active diet supplements to overcome this biological stress.

Benefits of quitting smoking
improved breathing;
improved ability to cope with sudden loads;
reduced recovery time after exertion (eg in the pauses between sets and exercises in the gym);
improved taste and olfactory osezaniya;
eventually returned to basic capabilities of the lung to absorb oxygen as it would be without a man to be smoked (for people before 65);
reduced risk of disease compared to those in active chronic smokers.
Smoking is the most widespread addiction of our time. It is a pandemic, the amount of cigarettes consumed annually is growing! Accordingly, increased the number of victims who died from diseases caused by smoking (especially lung cancer and cardiovascular disease).

Bulgaria ranks second in Europe in the frequency of smoking and the number of smoking women and children is constantly growing. Two thirds of the parents smoke at home. Teachers and doctors smoking in schools and in the corridors, but their example gradually the whole class starts to smoke. Children start smoking, imitating their parents, to nine years and regular smoking at 13! Environment in our country is very tolerant (parents, teachers, doctors). Not impose any sanctions h smoking students! Missing and health education. Subject hygiene is not taught in schools and in natural science textbooks do not provide practical knowledge about beneficial and harmful constituents of various vegetable and animal products. Smoking is the first important factor for mortality in developed countries, so that in the last two decades fighting it became a major concern of the World Health Organization and government guidance in many countries. A number of measures introduced to limit it. Was banned smoking in public places (restaurants, cafes, bakeries, lounges, theaters, discos, etc..), Which unfortunately (due to misunderstood democracy) in recent years in our tacit dropped and no one to monitor compliance with the prohibitions.

The most toxic component of tobacco smoke is nicotine. With each cigarette takes 2.7 mg of nicotine, a deadly dose is 80 mg.If a dog's mouth pipetting two drops of nicotine, it dies after 2 minutes!

Nicotine causes a short excitation with increase in heart activity, vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure and difficulty in blood flow to the brain and other internal organs. Furthermore, tobacco smoke contains carcinogenic substances that cause lung cancer, mouth, etc.. bodies and numerous toxins. So smokers are very honored to stomach ulcers, chronic bronchitis, heart attacks, liver damage, miscarriages and premature births.

According to American writers each cigarette shortens life by an average of 7.5 minutes.

So smoking is slow suicide! It is a poison, however, for others, so-called passive smokers who breathe smoky air and absorb these toxic substances.

We must not forget that addiction to cigarettes and others. drug is easy (first out of curiosity and imitation of parents or friends), but unfortunately quitting is difficult and requires much time, desire, willpower and perseverance! In this respect, can help some foods that suppress cravings

They have a high alkaline content, such as spinach, beets, dried figs, raisins, almonds, which maintain a high level of nicotine in the body and reduce the need for adoption. Smokers who took baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), after 5 weeks, almost all gave up cigarettes.

Back - foods that make urine more acid and accelerate the release of nicotine from the body, increase the need for adoption and taught the habit of smoking should therefore be limited. These include: red and chicken liver, eggs, cheese, wheat germ, peanuts, walnuts, plums, blueberries, coffee, cola, beer, fruit juices.

To reject using gargle before smoking 2-3 times daily with a 1% solution of silver nitrate. When suction smoke gets nasty smell of rotten eggs and taste aversion to causing smoke.

Helps eating fresh decoction of oats. 100g washed paddy oats soak for 4 hours in 2 liters of water, then boil 1 hour. Drink 4 weeks.

Other recommendations: drinking 2-3 glasses of warm water or juice several times a day. To eat more fruit. More walking and running! Do not drink coffee, tea, beer! Instead of a cigarette to eat nuts, carrots, candy, gum, soft drinks. More frequent visits to the theater, cinema, concerts, tours and more. activities.
In addition to increasing the health of mother and child, smoking cessation provides regular sleep and good eating habits in the newborn.

As incredible as it sounds, according to the results of the study, infants of non-smoking by mothers during early pregnancy are more carefree and cheerful than babies of nonsmokers.

Dr. Kate Pickett from the University of York gives an explanation of this fact.

According to her, women who are highly motivated to quit smoking during pregnancy are very positive in its decision, which reflects well on the growth and development of their newborn babies.

Her study is the first evidence of the impact of the refusal of habit on the health of b beta.

Monitoring the behavior of 18,000 nine-month infants showed that women who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day had the most difficult for growing children because of acquired bad temper.

Mothers who promptly quit, enjoy more obedient babies where the likelihood of unpredictable behavior is very small.Furthermore, they show greater susceptibility built better sleep habits and eating.

"We know that at a later stage of life, children suffer from the adverse effects of passive smoking (while in the womb), so it is not surprising discovery of signs of behavioral differences during the first months of life." - said Dr. Pickett.

Mothers find themselves these differences in the behavior of their children. Babies of non-smoking are the most positive temperament. This is an extremely stimulating motive for pregnant women to stop smoking during pregnancy.

The study, published in the British journal "Epidemiology and Public Health assessed the temperament of babies on a scale to measure a positive mood, receptivity to new ideas and modes of feeding and sleeping.

About 4,000 women surveyed, as expected, continue to smoke.

Dr. Pickett is confident that the risk of behavioral problems in children as early and in later stages of their development should be explained to pregnant smokers, but not to downplay the difficulties experienced passionate smokers in their attempt to do so.

It is known that chemical substances contained in tobacco cause damage to the brain while the child is still in the womb.Their action is associated more with low birth weight, birth defects and is one of the causes of high mortality.

The survey results show that women. who smoke during pregnancy give birth to the most difficult for growing children.

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