Doctors have the greatest role in quitting smoking, experts say. 

According to the study researchers from the Norwegian University of Oslo smoking doubles the risk of death in men and women 40 to 70 years. At this age, dying just 9% of female nonsmokers versus 26% of women who are addicted to cigarettes. For men this indicator even more pronounced - 14% and 41%. 
Smoking shortens the lives of women by an average of 1.4 years, males - 2.7. 
Interestingly, if the smoker quit by age 35 to 40, he lived almost as much as someone who never smoked. 
Although smoking is the most common proven habit, people are very difficult to part with - almost ¾ of smokers want to quit it every year and every year half of them are trying to do, but few succeed. 
Norwegian researchers believe that the physician's advice may be the strongest argument to say "goodbye" to the cigarettes. 
According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, however, only half of smokers have conducted medical tests and only 63.6% of them have received advice to quit smoking. 

Experts believe that to doctors who do not advise their patients to quit smoking, you need to take drastic action, up to revocation of the right to practice.

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